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The following community members have individually contributed to show support for the park and social justice in the community.

Mike & Sheila Goodwin

Marj Cannon and Hugh Moore

Kathy Fulton

Shelfer Family

Carrie Manley

Aaron Manley

Navin Manley

Owen Manley

Baby Boy Rampton

Tyler Rampton

Rocky Rampton

Troy Rampton

Flint Egbert

Sage Egbert

Gideon Egbert

Jasper Egbert

Olivia Fryer-Merlet

Sophie Fryer-Merlet

Patrick Fryer-Merlet

Reegan DeJong

Ken Abbott and Mindy Hamlin

Esther Baas

Melo Morrow

Craig Amador

Debbie Froelich

Heidi Igarashi

Ryan Mackiewicz

Richard & Judie Lafrance

Andrew Meigs and Sarah Miller Meigs

Lisa Field

Joe Hankin

In honor of Karen douglas

Marilyn Prince

Agosto Family

Ky & Maura Naughton

Rob, Sarah, Reece & Simone Putman

Justin, Lindsay, Trevor & Tiahna Moore

The Magees

Marcus Fowler

Eddie Fowler

Mary Fowler

Betsy Fowler

Will Fowler

Alice Fowler

Johnny Fowler

Jimmy Fowler

Eliza Jane Rampton

Jack Rampton

Rachel Halverson

David Halverson

Ruth and John Witalis.

Sean and Barbara White

Cindee Lolik

Hollis & Pathfinder of The Broken Air Market

Thea Kelley

David & Gail Bartee

Denise & Gael

Harry and Merry Demarest

Dan Eden

The Yung Weinstein Family

William Horne

Melissa and Todd Reninger

JaggerKaeser Family

Stephanie Fryer & Yannick Merlet

DePree Family

Annette Bruyer, PhD

Brodie Welch and Jeremy Donaldson

Lindsay and Eric Hostetler

Jasper Hand

Zinnia Hand

Dr. & Mr. Nelson

Emma Steele

Everett Gregory

The Dirkingcockels

suZ D

Viktor Jakúbek

Veronika Jakúbková

Matthew Phillips

Ellie Phillips

Catherine Phillips

Nathaniel Phillips

Abigail Phillips


Kyran Pope

Marcie and Matt Gregory

Russ & Tina Schuetz

Jessica, Madison, and Dakota Berg

Jessie T.S.

Alysia, Nathan and Rosie Mortimer

Joe Harrity

Alynna Taylor

Kitty Bartee

Becky Garrett

Sandi & Brady Mickey-Peeks

The Crowell Family

Margi Willowmoon and Tim Erney

Ron & Soozi Stevens Family

Tom Hartsook and Catherine Williams

Susan Nevin

Dylan and Bibiana Kearney

Daniela, Veronica and Oscar Martinez

Shikha and Herky Gottfried

Adam and Madeleine Niemet

Cathy & Glenn Peltier

Karen F. Davis

Ishai Rosen

Fred and Dianne Taft

Kenneth and Deborah Carlson

Benjamin Gilruth

Russell & Stephanie Harrison

Nina and Robert Lawrence

The Neal Family

Ashley R Duval

Jeff and Angela Beeson

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Supporters that have given additional funds to support a specific section of the park will be recognized here.

MLK Sports Court Mural Wall_edited.jpg


Supporters that have given additional funds to support a specific section of the park will be recognized here.

Vovo Casqueiro & Von Duerfeldt

Jared McMullen

Haddan family

Zeus Ramage

The Cadigan/Ellis Family

Addie Schneider, Zoe Diskin, and Holly Vidin

Bruce and Joanne Sorte

Brenda & David Sallee

Kevin, Maria, and Avery Ross

John Pavlik

Kim and Mary Anderson


Rich Frankenfield

Ann and Doug Brodie

Sharon Clarke and Mark Lacy

For Jackson, Tucker, and Rizzo

Brandy R. Joyce

Felix Leahey

Kimberly A. Callahan

Mark & Julie Tibbetts

Amelia Valadez Ingersoll


Albert Fernando

Andy Fan

Mark and Alice Rampton

Christine and Eric French

Katherine Hick

The Hick Family

Eutabeze Ayele

Tariknesh Ayele Williams

Cat Schooley and Douglas Hills

Eileen Marma

Paul Naxer

The Gimino Family

Keitley Jacobberger

Danbi Sun O’Brien

Beatrice VanHorne and John Wiens

Sports Courts_02.jpg


Supporters that have given additional funds to support a specific section of the park will be recognized here.

In Person

1310 Avery Park Drive

Corvallis OR, 97333


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Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.


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