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The Design

The design process is iterative. Since the initial conceptual plan of 2019, the park design has evolved with additional community participation and feedback. The most recent design confidently reflects the differing needs and desires of a large cross section of the Corvallis community.

The park improvement plan includes:

  • improved hiking trails

  • community gathering places

  • inspirational public art

  • environmental restoration

  • improved parking and access

  • sports and fitness court

  • fenced off-leash dog park

  • an overlook point

  • nature-inspired water play

The vast majority of the park, over 80%, will remain undeveloped to preserve and protect its natural beauty.
MLK WEB Concept plan 6-6-23.PNG

Design renderings are illustrative only. Specific site details such as artwork, signage, benches, tables, drinking fountains, etc., are not included at this stage.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park’s connection to the natural world reminds us that we are all born equal and free from negative social constructs. Like its namesake, this groundbreaking park design recognizes, celebrates, and supports the power of individual and collective activism in creating social change.

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